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City Pages Food Blogger Insists Our Food Should Provide “Real” Minnesotans With Fast, Cheap, Exotic Experiences

Racist Food Critic Files PART 2 At Least She’s Consistent. Writing about Mecca Bos’ terrible Hoban Uptown piece led me to take a closer look at her other local food reviews in order to further examine and verify patterns in … Continue reading

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Be Done With Your Orientalist Food Reviews: Redemption for Hoban Korean Uptown

RACIST FOOD CRITIC FILES PART 1 On Friday, July 22, City Pages food blogger Mecca Bos renewed my ire regarding her racist food reviews when she posted her tepid, hardly bolstering piece about The Little Mekong Night Market, a wonderful celebration of Asian food … Continue reading

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everyday try to be nice. a few years ago i was sitting alone in a neighborhood bar taking an hour just an hour to myself away from the child and the partner and the house and all the things. i … Continue reading

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afraid of nothing

[some time i will (might) edit and revise this. for now this is how my god-brain bore it.] [this was not dated, so i don’t know from whence it came exactly, probably the last couple few years?] central to love … Continue reading

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the quell

hello blog. it’s been awhile. i have thought about you. i have missed you. i’ve been digging through old stuff locked up in this thing.  i’m going to input to the universe. here’s one from sometime back when. be kind. … Continue reading

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conversing ≠ communicating in the ski chalet.  little charlie (3ish) and his parents: dad: charlie…. charlie: …. dad: charlie… charlie: …. dad: Charlie. charlie: … dad: Charlie! charlie: [looks at dad} dad: do you want pepperoni? charlie: what’s pepperoni? dad: … Continue reading

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