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Thoughts: Be wary of thinking or talking about trump the way big media talks about white male mass shooters, as if the source is mental illness.  No. He is a narcissist, he is a sociopath, but that doesn’t meant he … Continue reading

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define erotic

what’s erotic? when my orgasm is not your boy scout badge when my body is not a colony for your imperial ego to exploit erotic is… the light i cast on you from the billion stars of my milky way … Continue reading

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everyday try to be nice. a few years ago i was sitting alone in a neighborhood bar taking an hour just an hour to myself away from the child and the partner and the house and all the things. i … Continue reading

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the quell

hello blog. it’s been awhile. i have thought about you. i have missed you. i’ve been digging through old stuff locked up in this thing.  i’m going to input to the universe. here’s one from sometime back when. be kind. … Continue reading

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The Everyday Violation of the Male Gaze

The Male Gaze The male gaze has long been a way to strip women of their humanness.  It has been a way to treat their bodies as meat.  As objects.  As Things.  It has long been a weapon for the … Continue reading

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