[z to abc]

a poem can make you cry, unexpectedly

you give an indulgent but tired eye,

ready for the same old words put together

like a frilly lace dress

and there, then

the poem takes you by the collar

pulls you forward

and your breath is gone

and tears let in your eyes

and “wow” comes out in the form

of a sigh silently in your chest,

and you know then,

thank godness,

that poetry lives

and there does exist

another person out there somewhere

fervently desperately writing in the dark

to you,

like a tiny private jet

in the oblivion of black space.

I am a writer & poet from Minnesota and I am here to share thoughts, ideas and information with you.


2 Responses to About

  1. Hello. I like your blog and like what you have had to write thus far. Wondering if I might add you to my blogroll? I am thinking you are an adopted person, but not sure. If adoption is something you continue to explore, wondering if you would like to read what I have been writing as well. Many thanks. My email is tradoption@gmail.com. Joy Lieberthal…www.adoptionechoes.com

  2. awood33 says:

    Hi Joy, thanks for the nice comment. I am a Korean-Adoptee and do explore the topic often, in fact, we adoptees live it, really. I believe I have read some of your stuff already and it would be great to roll together 🙂 Good to be connected! ~Andrea

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