Be wary of thinking or talking about trump the way big media talks about white male mass shooters, as if the source is mental illness.  No. He is a narcissist, he is a sociopath, but that doesn’t meant he isn’t strategic and ruthless and completely aware of what he is doing.

Social norms are powerful.  He has already heavily influenced social norms. Yes, white supremacist, xenophobic, misogynists were always there. But now they feel confident enough to run for congress.

trump is a white supremacist, neoliberal, misogynist, fascist because he is a rich white man who can get away with it. 

he is a violent person with power and he knows exactly what he is doing.

Even when white male terrorists explicitly declare that they are killing in the name of white supremacy, still mainstream media says, ohhh, he must’ve had a bad childhood, he must have mental health issues. No. This is white supremacy. This is hate. Plus, then, if it was a bad childhood, why don’t they ask him why he didn’t pull himself by his bootstraps and find god and family values. If it was mental health (especially post-military ptsd) why are they not publically holding our social services and mental health services responsible?

Where are these discussions of mental health when they report on the people in Syria who have been bombed relentlessly by the U.S and France? They appear to understand the trauma and grief that French people experience. Where are these discussions of mental health when they report on Palestine? Where are these discussions of mental health when they report on Black and Brown communities and the state violence they live with every single day. Where are these discussions of mental health when they report on military trained men who shoot down civilians in the name of homophobia and white supremacy?  These references are certainly not comprehensive. There are so many in trauma, so many to name.


Yes , we need transformative change.

It seems somewhat inherent to the notion of dismissing Hillary as a candidate is also the dismissal of the notion that we can influence and change an elected official through grassroots power. Yet, we saw Bernie influence Hillary. We saw Obama after feeling public pressure say he could no longer be neutral about Marriage Equality. I don’t mean that this is the answer. But this is the short term while we work on the long term. 

I am not saying I do not passionately believe in and want a radical, transformative vision for our country and our world. But I also want to give short term and long term demands because we have to have a strategy.

It isn’t everything that Hillary is the first woman to be a major party presidential candidate. But it is something very significant for this deeply patriarchal country. And it does influence norms. And it does give children of all genders a different reality to view as their norm. Just as the Obamas in the white house wasn’t everything, it was still a big fucking deal in so many ways and if you gotta stay so purist that you can’t concede that, well. Okay.  

Sure I have problems with some of what Obama did. But he also stood up there as the pres of the goddamn united states and said that he could’ve been Trayvon Martin. And Michelle Obama informed this country and the world more than once that she woke up each day in a house built by slaves. That shit is amazing and powerful.

I am not an ardent Hillary supporter. And I am an avid critic of the politics of this country. But I live here. This is my home. And I have lived in no home that was even near to perfect, including the ones I made on my own. And still I loved them all. I am also a woman that has been often told that I am too much. Too opinionated. Too strongwilled, too loud, to this, too that. And like most women, I have received the most abundant praise when I am perfectly eloquent, controlled, thin, coiffed, manicured, accommodating, hospitable, nurturing, pleasant, and cheerful.  There is much I disagree with about Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also recognize a strong woman who can give no fucks when I see one.

Thinking about both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Michelle is strong and intelligent, but she also often reaps the most praise when she centers her speeches on the home, parenting, marriage, god. Her appearance fits many dominant standards of beauty–wavy long hair, warm smile, beautiful clothes, slim, fit body.  Place Hillary alongside her, and the differences are all the more striking. I have just been thinking on this lately. And on how the U.S. would navigate a male spouse in the white house for the first time, especially one that’s lived there before as pres. 

I am just writing to try to sort some things out in my head. I reserve the right to change my views, as we all should have the right to do. I have learned a lot from reading what people have shared on social media and in conversations lately. This is how we gauge public opinion, share in dialogue, engage in the dialectic, grow.

Also, don’t give into the temptation to simplify our heros/mentors/radical icons. They were driven and guided by their ideologies AND extremely importantly they were and are the best of strategists.  Actions born from ideology and passions, but decided upon by strategy.

You don’t win at chess with whimsical moves. You win at chess by knowing how the game works and knowing all of the strategies.  I think politics is a lot like chess. I know this is not an original or mind-blowing comment.  I also realize that it is way past my bedtime and I may disagree with everything I have written come morning. Such is the risk of sharing.

It is 11:11. Good night! asian female pilot






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