Bias in Mecca Bos’ Post on Little Mekong

Little Mekong Night Market is awesome and wonderful in so many many ways everyone should go celebrate the food and people and neighborhood.

Below is my FB post pointing out the problems with her post:

and here’s mecca bos’ tepid Little Mekong Night Market write-up.  yes, she says that we should go, and then without adornment or excitement or the gushing we know she is capable of, she lists off featured performers etc. all of which are AWESOME.

and then she implies kids will not be safe and parents will be at their wits end:
“When the kids have been threatened by a crowd trampling for the umpteenth time and you cannot take a single time more, usher them over to the newly designated kid-friendly activity zone, where families (yeah, you can’t just drop them off, sadly) can enjoy interactive exhibits from the Minnesota Children’s Museum, lantern making, and other kid-friendly stuff.”

and yeah. sadly you can’t drop your kids off at this family friendly event. like you should totally go the state fair or something with your kids and act like they’ll be trampled and then complain that you can’t dump them off somewhere. so instead uplifting the fact that there is this cool kid zone she makes it seem some kind of disappointment.

argh. this bias may seem trivial but it matters. and she is of course not the only reviewer to display it.

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