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Time to look at the Institutional Race Gap

All said and done, I have been through about 20 years of schooling, not to mention the years I have spent as a teacher.  Yet in all of that, I only once had a teacher that looks like me (Asian … Continue reading

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afraid of nothing

[some time i will (might) edit and revise this. for now this is how my god-brain bore it.] [this was not dated, so i don’t know from whence it came exactly, probably the last couple few years?] central to love … Continue reading

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after the party

[i can’t remember this one. i find it interesting tho and i keep wondering about it.] she has laid you down as if you’ve been sleeping she put your hands on your stomach and arranged your hair neatly in a … Continue reading

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the quell

hello blog. it’s been awhile. i have thought about you. i have missed you. i’ve been digging through old stuff locked up in this thing.  i’m going to input to the universe. here’s one from sometime back when. be kind. … Continue reading

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