in my purse


In my purse then:

gauloise, sharpies, lighters, gum, pomes, lipstick, two keys, dollar bills, concert tickets, mints, books, film cannisters, scribbles on napkins, mystery, tant pis, disarray,

 In my purse now:

granola bars, grocery receipts, dog leash, tampons, tissues, 8 keys, lip balm, herbal drops, lists, cell phone, plastic cards, sewing kit,  accessibility, preparedness, reason,

and maybe also there is some ennui.

The new era of andrea:

means parenting as a form of

philanthro capitalism

making little museums out of baby boys

and following the trail of crumbs we found in childhood,

  we are hungry now still

still hungry from eating

/the empty promise of obedience

so so different from self-discipline

so different from the self in general.

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