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[from a tuesday or two in may. 2013] if i speak out loud the poem will go away. when my son stands in my doorway staring at me he may as well be shouting. the phone ringing is a gawd … Continue reading

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Political Exile or Most-Wanted Terrorist: Why the Discourse on Assata Shakur Matters to You and to Everyone

Cultivating fear to justify violence in the name of justice. The FBI has brought political exile Assata Shakur back to the top of the newsfeed, and they’re making sure the public believes that this action is in the name of … Continue reading

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the big placenta

[2011] after his birth in that old cabin in the mn north, the big placenta of my 11 pound baby boy sat frozen in a metal bowl in the chest freezer on the old cabin porch, waiting. when spring came … Continue reading

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Guest Column: The Right to the Pursuit of Health Insurance

Originally posted on Opine Season:
Andrea Jeong WoodGuest Columnist Last summer, for various reasons, my son and I lost our private health and dental insurance.  I was concerned, but knew that state health care was an option I could pursue. …

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