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bowl of sun

[Something from 2010] Here is something new     A bowl Sitting on the table Morning light shines onto it Into it Being perpetually filled But never overflowing.                         … Continue reading

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How American do you have to be, to be American enough?

Monday it was apparently somewhat newsworthy that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be tried and charged as an American in civilian court and not as an enemy combatant in military court, “under the law of war” , where he would not have … Continue reading

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Hey, Young Men! Does the Media Think You’re an Ordinary Looking Guy?

 Two Young Men: Ordinary looking guys, white men. Cooking dinner tonight, I was listening to NPR after months of being fed up with them (more on that later).  As I was cutting up vegetables, I heard Robert Siegel talking with … Continue reading

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i’m in a little window

off the cuff My dog knows I don’t like to be crowded, but she does it anyway. Is love something you can wear like a sweater? Can you smoke in the rain? I’m having a creative moment!,  I call to … Continue reading

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Recognizing Propaganda & Deconstructing Your Media Landscape (Or: We Are Sentimental Until We Are Ruthless)

“We are sentimental until we are ruthless.  To say that we are sentimental is not to say that we are kind.”  I read this statement a while back, and jotted it down, though unfortunately from which book I cannot recall … Continue reading

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The Long Story in Short Takes: Matthew Salesses’ I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying

The short short story has been around through the literary ages, brevity and verbosity taking turns in fashion.  The term Flash Fiction arose with the new millennia and the dowdy “short short story” emerged reborn as the righteous Flash Fiction.  … Continue reading

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The stones of summer, remain covered now in moss. my shadow against the pavement reminds of mirrors and stolen faces. we have now, the very compelling urgency of imminent departure. Examine the thought, “what if it were all over today?” … Continue reading

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